Delegated or Double Marking

This article will review the steps to use Delegated Marking on Blackboard and how it may used for double marking and blind double marking

Delegated Marking

Delegated marking is a feature for grading Blackboard Assignments that allows for student submissions to receive feedback and marks from more than one person.

Delegated marking can be used with or without anonymous marking.

Once marks and feedback have been completed by the markers, their marks result in a provisional grade. This provisional grade can be reconciled by one of the markers or a final grader (non-marking individual overseeing the process) to produce the final grade.

Delegated marking is a feature only for Blackboard assignments and cannot be used for Turnitin assignments

To use delegated marking, create a Blackboard assignment and scroll to the Marking section.

Below the option to add a rubric, there are three sub-menus. Open the second sub-menu titled Marking Options.

Tick the Enable Delegated Marking box. This will open all users enrolled as "instructor", "teaching assistant" or "marker" in the module.

Each instructor/marker can be assigned to all submissions, a random set of submissions, or group submissions.

Choose None to allow an individual to oversee the process without marking.

By default, all instructors/markers will be able to view other markers' scores, feedback and notes.

The instructor creating the assignment may choose which instructors, markers, or teaching assistants can reconcile marks by taking or undertaking the box in the Reconcile Marks column.

When a marker has not been given permission to reconcile marks, the View Settings column releases, and the instructor creating the assignment can choose to allow or disallow non-final markers to view other markers' scores, feedback and notes.

Blind Double Marking

To use delegated marking as double-blind marking, choose one marker to be the final marker who can reconcile marks and view other markers' scores, feedback and notes. For the other markers, uncheck each of the boxes in the Reconcile Marks and View Settings columns.

For more information about delegated marking, please see