How to Schedule, Record, and Access Recordings of Zoom Meetings

This article will introduce you to Zoom for the University of Galway, indicate how to access your account, and how to schedule Zoom meetings. In addition, it will help you to select a recording location, demonstrate how to record Zoom meetings, and where to access the recordings.


What is Zoom?

Zoom is a platform for video conferencing, online meetings, and webinars. It can be used via a computer or mobile device. It can also be utilised for academic activities, including online synchronous class sessions, and/or online presentations.

Accessing your NUIG Zoom Account

All NUI Galway staff and students have access to Zoom through the Office 365 portal apps ([email protected]), or directly from the NUI Galway Zoom Login Page (sign in using SSO Company Domain).

The NUI Galway Zoom domain is and not

Scheduling and Adding a Zoom Meeting to Blackboard

Before your meeting, conduct a short test on Zoom to ensure all is working as you wish, before recording the live meeting. See further Best Practice tips.

You can schedule a Zoom meeting through Zoom or through Blackboard, as follows:

Zoom is not integrated with Blackboard. It is a plugin (LTI). Even when a Zoom meeting is created and/or launched from the Blackboard Zoom Meeting link, any recording that takes place is saved to the instructors Zoom cloud account. The recording is not saved to Blackboard. The Zoom recordings can only be accessed via the individual's Zoom Web portal or app.

Considerations for a Recording Location

When deciding to record a Zoom meeting, you must also select a location for the saved recording. Be mindful of this when considering where your recording will be stored and how much space you will need. The following information should be taken into consideration:

Zoom Recordings:

  • University of Galway Zoom license caters for up to 300 participants in a meeting.
  • University of Galway Zoom license, per staff member, includes a maximum:
    • Meeting duration of 30 hours.
    • 0.5GBZoom cloud storage allocation:
      • Screen sharing recording uses approx. 20MB of storage per hour.
      • Video recording uses approx. 200MB of storage per hour.
  • As well as video, Zoom can record audio only, or multiple audio streams.
  • By default, Zoom deletes cloud recordings after 30 days.
    • Cloud recording settings can be modified to be kept up to a maximum of 120 days.
  • Should you wish to keep the recordings long-term, you will need to download them.
  • Downloaded recordings (saved to local computer), can be uploaded to My Media (Kaltura) in Blackboard. Further information can be found at, Adding Video or Audio to Blackboard - (using My Media).
  • Contact University of Galway's ISS for full details on Zoom license details.

An email alert will be sent to the account owner when cloud usage is at 80% of the subscribed storage limit. If the storage limit is reached during a recording, the meeting will continue to record until it is ended.

Meeting Recording Options

You can record the meeting in different layouts including the active speaker, gallery view, and shared screen. Learn more about Zoom recording layouts.

Recording Options: At Meeting Setup

When setting up the Zoom Meeting, you have the option to "Automatically record meeting", and save the recording to one of the below locations:

  1. On the Local Computer, or
  2. In the Cloud
Recording locations when setting up the meeting
Recording Options: During the Meeting

Once you have begun your meeting and are ready to begin recording, select the Record button, and choose to save the recording to one of the below locations:

  1. Record on this Computer (or OneDrive), or
  2. Record to the Cloud
Recording locations during the meeting
Recording Options: Stopping a Recording

In Zoom, meeting recordings are only saved after you end the Zoom meeting. The recording can be stopped:

  1. During the meeting (click Stop Recording via the quickbutton, or via the toolbar), or
  2. By Ending the Meeting.
Stopping a recording
Recording Options: After the Meeting

When the meeting has ended, Zoom will save the to the location you have chosen, either to your local computer or to the cloud. Zoom will convert/process the meeting to MP4 format.

After recording a Zoom meeting, you can post the recording in a Blackboard course.

Local Computer Recordings

When the recording has stopped and the session is ended, Zoom will request access to your [Documents] folder, and you may select the local location where you wish to save the recording. Recorded meetings will save to that location under a Zoom subfolder. This location should open once the recording has completed processing.

The recordings will be automatically organised by date, and meeting title. The recording itself will be in the format Zoom_#.mp4.

Zoom recordings local location
Save in the Cloud

Cloud recordings generally take about twice the meeting duration to process. It can take some time (up to 24hrs) for the Zoom recording to become available in the cloud location.

After recording a Zoom meeting, you will receive an email alerting you when your recording has been processed and is ready to be viewed and shared. This email will contain two links:

  1. Link that is viewable to the host only (you, as the instructor). This link permits the host to edit the meeting if they wish.
  2. Link that is available to be shared, unedited. This link may be associated with a passcode, depending on your account settings.


Example of email
Changing Recording Location

Once you have saved a recording to the cloud, Zoom will continue to save recordings to the cloud. Manually change the recording location by using ALT+R (or command+R on Macs) to save to the computer or OneDrive.

Accessing Zoom Recordings

Cloud Location
  • Login to your Zoom account. Select the "Recordings" tab and you will view a list of any recordings that have been processed.
  • Zoom recordings that have been saved to the cloud are automatically provided with a viewing web link which can be used by students to watch the recordings at their leisure.

The recording will be located under Recordings in your account at The recordings are NOT integrated with the Zoom meeting link in Blackboard.

Local Computer Location

Recordings saved to the local computer will be in [Documents], and under a Zoom subfolder. By default, the recording will be saved to a folder in the format "date- formatted mm/dd/yy - Meeting Title". Downloaded files will be in your computer's "Downloads" folder.

You can download Zoom recordings (even if you have originally saved them to the Cloud) and upload to My Media or share the Zoom link (with password) in Bb.