Using Edit Mode

What is Edit Mode

Edit Mode allows instructors the ability to manage, add, and edit/modify content on their Blackboard courses. It provides access to content areas such as assessments, discussion boards, calendar, and announcements.

Edit Mode is either switched "ON" or "OFF". When the Edit mode is switched ON, instructors can add, and modify content. Blackboard shows all the course content areas, and the editing controls for each item. Turning Edit Mode to OFF hides the editing controls, and displays any content that is usually hidden from a student.

Edit modes on or off

Who can Use Edit Mode

Only users with instructor/teaching-assistant-level access (or above) can use the Edit Mode.  By default, Edit Mode is switched to ON for instructors. Students do not have access to this feature.

While similar in view to Student Preview mode, Edit Mode does NOT allow the faculty to view groups from a student view, to view the My Grades link, submit sample assignments, or to view assigned grades.

Edit Mode is located at the top right corner of your course. To switch between status options, click on the Edit Mode Button.

Below are examples of the impact of Edit Mode for the same Content Area, in the ON and OFF positions.

Example of Edit mode impact on same content area


Content Area

When Edit Mode is OFF:

  • Content is viewed as the student would see it.

When Edit Mode is ON:

  • Instructors may change the presentation style of the content area
  • Instructors are able to add new materials and tools.
  • Instructors are able to modify existing materials.
  • Instructors see all the material on the course, including material which has been hidden from students.
  • Instructors are able to re-order material by dragging and dropping.
Course Menu

When Edit Mode is OFF:

  • The Course Menu is viewed as the student would see it.
  • Menu items containing Content Areas that are currently empty are not shown to students.

When Edit Mode is ON:

  • Instructors are able to re-order menu items by dragging and dropping.
  • Instructors may re-order the menu items without dragging and dropping, if they find dragging and dropping difficult.
  • Content areas that are currently empty are accessible. The grey dotted square icon beside the menu items shows instructors that these are currently empty content areas.
  • Instructors may edit the menu items
  • Instructors may add new menu items