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How to Hide the Page Title (Blackboard Hack)

The grey title bar that appears at the top of  Blackboard content pages may take up valuable page real-estate. It can duplicate information that is also available from the breadcrumb trail, located above it. Removing the title bar may help to declutter the Blackboard interface and remove any unnecessary gaps, enabling the content of the page itself to be flush with the top of the content area. This article explains how to perform this optional hack for customising your page.

Duplicaton of information

As this title hack is not one of the Blackboard Learn’s tools, the code is subject to change. Blackboard may intermittently update its HTML settings. To avoid any errors in your display, ensure you are always using the latest JS code.

How to Hide the Title

  1. Ensuring the Blackboard Edit Mode is "ON", click your content page, and scroll down to the Content section.
  2. On the text editor toolbar, click on the Source Code (< >) icon.
  3. In the Source Code box that appears, paste the entirety of the below code to the box, and click Save.
    • If you have other code in this box, paste it at the bottom of the other codeClick Save.
  4. On returning to the Blackboard form, click Submit.
  5. The title of the page should now be hidden.

Always copy the code from the remove page title developer's area. Updates to the source code may have been made since this article was written.

<script type="text/javascript">/**/
/* Insert CSS to remove grey page title bar */
    var link = document.createElement("link");
    link.setAttribute("rel", "stylesheet");
    link.setAttribute("href", "");
    var head = document.getElementsByTagName("head") [0];
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Source code for removing page title
  • Dan Harding: Learning Technology Officer, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Keele University
  • Andrew Abhrahamson: Educational Technologies Engineer, Office of Educational Technology and Innovation, Boston University