Add a 4-Part Entry Page

This article will review the steps to create a multi-section page as the entry point to a module.

Create a new module page

First, go to the plus (+) icon at the top left of the module menu and choose Module Page.

Provide this new page a name and make it available to users. Then, click Submit.

You will see the name of your new page appear at the bottom of your list of pre-existing pages or content areas. Move the new page to another area in the menu by dragging and dropping it (click the far left side of the name - you will see the cursor change).

Once the link is placed (recommend moving to top), click the name to go into the blank page.

Upon first access, the page will confirm the page has been added to the menu. To add the sections to the page, click Add Course Module.

You may browse by category or review all 14 options. The four recommended sections are

  • My Announcements
  • Featured Media Gallery
  • To Do
  • What's New

Click OK at the bottom right when finished adding sections.

Your page will now contain the sections, which can be reordered by dragging and dropping. Below is recommended formation.

Click Customise Page if you wish to add colour to the section titles.

Set Your New Page as Entry Point to the Module

Go to the Control Panel in the menu and click Customisation. This opens a sub-menu. Choose Teaching Styles.

Scroll down to the section titled SELECT COURSE ENTRY POINT. Choose the new 4-sectioned page from the dropdown menu (e.g. Home).

Then click Submit.

A confirmation will appear. You can test that the page is the entry point by clicking the top left module title.

The process is now complete: your 4-sectioned page is now what students  see when they first click into the module.

To add a banner to the entry page, see:

To add a welcome video to your My Media section on the entry page, see: