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Error: Local image paste has been disabled in Blackboard

If you are getting the error message,"Local image paste has been disabled. Local images have been removed from pasted content", while pasting an image into a Blackboard content folder, wiki, discussion thread or text editor, Blackboard has disabled the paste function with images.


The best way of inserting pics is by utilising the Plus + icon as noted in the image below.

By clicking the Plus + icon, you are able to upload an image from either your local device or from your course content are.

So what changed?

Blackboard limited the ability for users to cut and paste images into the VTBE editor to only small image files, and plan to turn off the ability completely in v3900.8.0. This change is due to performance issues caused by the paste process. Until the feature is turned off completely, users may be able to cut and paste smaller images, but they could not tell us at what size the paste will error. Users should utilize the Plus + icon to upload pictures into the editor.