What is it?

What is Echo360 Lecture Capture?

Echo360 lecture capture will allow you to simultaneously record the audio of your lecture, the content on the computer and video of the speaker at the podium. This capture can be scheduled to begin and end automatically or you can make an ad hoc recording while in the room. The captures are published and links to access these can be automatically uploaded to Blackboard, or sent via email. 

Lecture Capture Venues at NUI Galway

Echo360 recordings can be undertaken in the two lecture theaters within the Clinical Science Institute (small and large lecture theater).

Uses & Benefits of Echo360

There are many benefits of lecture capture for learners and educators alike. Some of these include:

  • Enhances student engagement
  • Provides a better platform for communication between staff and students
  • Build an archive of content for reuse
  • Create lessons that include a variety of multimedia
  • Create high quality recorded lectures with relative simplicity

Fueling Learning and Innovation with Echo360 Lecture Capture