Make a booking

This article explains how bookings can be made on Echo360 for the venues in which the system is installed. Ensure you have booked the room before submitting a request to have a session recorded.

Scheduled Captures

Lecturers can establish semester-long schedules based on date, time, room and speaker. At the end of the lecture, the recording is automatically remotely stored and a link to the recording is published in chronological order within the Blackboard course you specify. Students simply need to go to Blackboard, and click on a link to view it. Contact your college office around scheduling.

Ad Hoc Captures

For ad-hoc events, lecturers can start and stop captures through an easy-to-use web interface. This is suitable where the lecture or seminar might not have a specific start or end time, and the lecturer wishes to manually control when their recording begins and ends, or where you haven't scheduled the recording in advance with us.

You will need to email us, each time, after you undertake an adhoc recording to let us know the following details:

  1. The speaker's name and email address - this is the address to which the links of the recording will be emailed.
  2. The preferred title of the recording
  3. The module code on Blackboard to which the recording should be published - if applicable.

If you get in touch via, we can show you how to undertake adhoc recordings in your lecture venue.

Permission must be granted by the presenters for the lecture/seminar to be recording and any specific restrictions on copyright, availability, distributions, etc. are matters for the local college administrator or course director to resolve and manage. If you are making a booking on behalf of a colleague or guest speaker, we assume you have addressed the issue of consent, and are keeping this on file.

See the Echo360 Usage Policy