Echo360 Usage Policy


This document sets out the policy and guidelines for usage of the Echo360 system, managed by the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) in the NUI Galway. It further defines the responsibilities of those requesting use of the service and provides guidelines and information about the types of options available.

About the system

NUI Galway is providing an online lecture capture service to support teaching activities at the University, on a pilot basis. The system, known as Echo360, is a video and audio lecture capture solution.

Both the speaker and accompanying materials used within a presentation, (e.g. materials displayed on a laptop, classroom computer, or document camera) are recorded using Echo 360 software. After the capture, the recorded session can be made available for specific groups of NUI Galway staff or students to view, via a Uniform Resource Locator (URL), disseminated by email or via a posted link within a Blackboard course.

Speaker Agreement for Recordings:

The person who has requested the recording is responsible for ensuring speaker consent. This can be obtained by asking speaker to complete a signed Speaker Agreement Form  for all recordings, or series of recordings using the Echo 360 lecture capture system.

A Speaker Agreement consists of the following consents:

Please select the appropriate boxes and confirm your acceptance of the certification statement below.

[ ]   I give permission for this recording or series of recordings (delete as appropriate) to be captured and disseminated via the Echo 360 Content Manager server, for viewing during the current academic year, by:

  • All students in the following Blackboard course: ____________
  • Only to people to whom I choose to disseminate the link

[ ]   I understand that CELT does not take responsibility for the audio and video quality of my recorded session(s).

[ ]   I understand that I need to ensure compliance with copyright law of content and materials used.

Making a Booking

For the Clinical Science Institute: These booking requests should be directed to directly, who can input a booking on your behalf.

For Obsen Building: CELT manage the bookings directly. By completing a booking form, CELT ( ) will schedule recordings to automatically begin for the specified dates and times requested. We will provide confirmation of your booking as soon as possible.

Permission must be granted by the presenters for their lectures/seminars to be recorded and any specific restrictions on copyright, availability, distribution etc. are matters for the local College administrator or Course Coordinator to resolve and manage. CELT can provide a sample copyright release form if such is helpful.

Privacy Notice to Students  

The university privacy notice to students for recording of lectures by NUI Galway is available here.

How do the students access the recordings?

At the end of the lecture, the recording is automatically remotely stored and a link to the recording is published in chronological order within Blackboard course you specify, and an announcement made to students. All that is required of students is to go to Blackboard, and click on a link. Students can watch the synchronised recorded lecture including PowerPoint slides and movie clips as frequently as they like and choose whether they watch using a high or low speed connection or download to view offline using their MP3 players, MP4 players, laptops or desktop PCs. Times for the published links to become available vary (based on the number of recordings being undertaken at that time), but will typically be ready with 24 hours at most.

How do I access the recording?

You (the speaker) can log into to access your recording on the Echo server. You can also access the recording on Blackboard, where a course code is supplied. 

The microphone

The microphone is mounted to the ceiling and will automatically detect the speaker and capture the sound.

Other requirements for a successful capture:

  • Use the lectern PC (not your laptop)
  • Repeat any questions from students you wish to be captured, as their audio will not be picked up by your microphone, and ensure your students know their questions will be captured in the recording.
  • Start and end your lecture on the times specified.  

What is the storage policy for Echo 360?

A video will remain online (within the Echo System Server, ESS) for two academic years. In August of the second academic year, the video will then be moved to the Archived tab within the ESS for one additional year. After the video has remained in the Archived Tab for one year it will be deleted. If you would like to request an exception for a video to remain online longer, the request must be made before the video is deleted. 

If you have any questions, please email