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Adding a Link to Echo360 in Your Blackboard Course

This guide will demonstrate how you can add a link to your Echo360 recordings in your  Blackboard course, for your students to access.

Navigate to the content area you wish to add the Echo360 link so you and  your students can access the Echo360 platform. Click on Build content at the  top of the page and select Echo360 from the menu. You only need to add  the link to the course once, as students will access all Echo content  from this link.

Give it a name and decide on your settings, and click Submit

After you return and click on the link you have just created for Echo360 using the steps above, you will now see a screen with the Echo360 logo and a message reading "Connect your Echo360 Content." You will also be presented with a Privacy Statement.  

Note:  If you are accessing the Active Learning Platform through Blackboard  for the first time, you will be prompted to log into Echo360 using your  Echo360 username and password. This will only appear the first time you  access your Echo content from Blackboard.

Next use the dropdown menu to link to your Echo360 section. The section term is shown in parentheses.

You can then link to either the Section Home  in Echo360, where users would be able to access all available Echo360  videos and interactive presentations from one link, or you can link to individual class sessions, where students would be taken directly to the  video or presentation you wish for your students to view.

  • To create a link to the section home page in Echo, select the Link to your Section Home option.
  • After you have selected to link to the Section Home, click the Link Content button.

A single Blackboard course can be linked to multiple Echo360 courses or sections; however, each section requires its own link.

Do not see your courses? If you do not see your courses or see too many courses, please contact and list the relevant course you are teaching with the module code.

Seeing a blank screen or the screen is stuck on "Launching LTI Tool Link?".  Your browser may have its popup blocker turned on. You will need to set  an exception in your browser's popup blocker for  

Students accessing Echo360 from Blackboard

Students will access the content directly from the link on your Blackboard course you have created above. They automatically see the content you have selected for them to view.