Finding Courses and Content

This article describes how to access all your Echo360 media directly as an instructor

You can access your Echo360 recording from the link on Blackboard, or directly from Echo360. Your Echo360 Home page provides access to courses and sections as well as to the media you have access to, based on recordings you have completed.


How do I get to the Echo Home page?

Click the Echo logo in the top left corner of whatever page you are on, identified in the below figure. The Echo Home page appears, with the Courses tab active by default.

Sorting and Finding Your Courses

The Courses tab lists the courses/sections you are enrolled in.

Sorting and Finding Your Content

The All Content tab lists all the Content you have access to (both stuff you own and media that has been shared with you). The Sort by options, Text Search, and Filter options at the top will help you find the media you want.

Use the Search field and/or Filters to narrow the list of items on the page. They can be used separately or in combination. You can Filter to get a subset of items (such as in a particular Term), then enter Search text to search just the filtered subset.

Notice that the owner of the media is also shown along with the title, a thumbnail of the item, the length (or number of slides), and when it was added to your content. If YOUR name appears there, it is media you own. If someone else's name appears, it is media that has been shared with you, and also appears in the Shared With Me tab. You can view shared media, and sometimes download or copy it, depending on certain settings in the system.

Editing a video

Echo360 provides a basic video editing function, allowing you to make  cuts and trims to video content as needed. In addition, you can make  changes and save them to the original video, or you can make changes and Save As, to create a new version.

Editing a video name and description

Echo360 allows you to edit the media details as needed, providing a more  descriptive title, and making the content easier to find in your Echo  Content home. You can also add a description and keyword tags.

Adding/Publishing a Presentation to a Lecture recording (or class)

You can add your powerpoint or pdf of your lecture also, for students to access directly.

Classes and Collections - An Overview

Classes are the logical sub-divisions of course-sections. Classes act as containers for the media presented to  students,such as recordings of lectures and uploaded presentations, as  well as discussions or Q&A sessions about the class.

Collection sare containers for Classes, designed  to allow instructors or teaching assistants to organizelectures with  similar subject matter, or to group several pieces of media (contained  in classes) together that pertain to a single topic. Collections do not  contain media themselves; the classes within a collection contain the media for students to view.

Adding a Class to a Course/Section

Classes exist to hold content that students can view. If your course-section has a regularly recorded class schedule (i.e., 1920-MD120 at 1pm),  your administrator may have a capture schedule set up, which automatically records your lectures and posts them to the pre-generated  class in the section. Each class can contain one video and one presentation.  For scheduled classes/captures, the video placeholder is (or will be)  occupied by the recorded capture for the class.

If you have additional media that pertains to the class, you can create a new class to hold the supplemental content.


When you first open the media details page for a video, the Info  panel is shown by default, containing sharing information about the  media; individuals it is shared to, the classes/sections where it is  published, and any URL links that may have been created for it. Next to the Info tab is an Analytics tab, that  provides Video View information and statistics for the video. This data  is not currently available for presentations. The Analytics tab is also  not visible to students.


Interactive Activity slides or Polling Questions are used to engage the  student regarding specific topics and concepts from the presentation.

Turning Section Features On and Off

The Features tab of the Settings page for a section, shown below,  provides the ability for instructors to enable or disable certain  features surrounding the content published to classes in the section.  Each feature setting has a toggle with a brief description, but for  additional information, see the help articles linked below.