Overview - What is Kaltura?

Kaltura Video in Blackboard allows you to record video content for students to view, or upload pre-existing video that you have copyright permissions over. It allows you to share video directly from within your Blackboard course, or publish elsewhere online. Using Kaltura, you can organise and manage how a video is published within a Blackboard course, with complete control over the storage and permissions for video files. If desired, your students can also upload video assignments and their video content can then be published to their chosen module.

What Kaltura can be used for:

  • Recording your lecture(s) in class or in advance
  • Online training videos
  • Lab demonstrations
  • Flipped classroom recordings
  • Student presentations or assignments

How do I access Kaltura?

On your Blackboard homepage, you can access the My Media area where you can upload, publish, and manage your personal Kaltura video repository.