How To Use and Publish From My Media

Every user has a personal, searchable repository for viewing and managing private media content on . Thus, "My Media" is the media repository of a single user. Media items in the "My Media" repository may be published and shared with others through channels based on the user’s entitlements. This tutorial video demonstrates how to use "My Media" and publish from it.

Publish a video from your My Media page

Let's go to your My Media page on . The My Media page contains all your private and published media. 

Also, an icon can be found near every media upload. The pencil icon takes you to the Edit Media page while the trash icon will delete the media. 

Under Actions menu, you can select Published, and then select the Channel you have permissions to publish to. Click Save.

Publishing options explained:

There are four available options in media space for sharing and publishing your media. To learn the publishing options, from the My Media page select the checkbox to the left of the media you want to publish. Go to the actions menu and click Publish. 

The four options are as follows. 

1. The first option will keep the media private. When you select this option the media can be seen only on your My Media page. Note that when you upload a new media it will be set as private by default. 

2. The second option is Unlisted. Once you set your media as unlisted, only users with a direct access link to the media can view it. People with a link can watch the media, but the media cannot be found in media space. To put it succinctly, all unlisted media are hidden unless you have their direct link. 

3. The third option is Published. With this option, you can publish your media in Media Space. Here's how to. After selecting Published, you'll be presented with a list of galleries in which you're granted permission to publish. You can choose to publish your media in one or more galleries by selecting the check box next to the gallery's name, and click Save. 

4. The fourth option is the option to publish your media in channels. Here's how to publish media in channels. After selecting Publish, you'll be presented with a list of channels to which you're entitled to publish. You can choose to publish your media in one or more channels by selecting the check box next to the channel's name, and click Save

Please note when choosing to delete a video, you're completely removing the video from the site. This also means that if this video is published in another location, it will be deleted from that location as well. Also, after you approve the deletion confirmation message that is prompted, and undo delete button is not available to retrieve the same video.


When you are back in the My Media page you can see the status of all your publishing options. 

In case the media was never published a private message can been seen in the media's thumbnail. In case the media set as unlisted an unlisted message can be seen in the medial thumbnail. 

In the event that the media is published, a published button will be displayed near the media. The locations where a media upload is published can be seen when you click on the Publish button. If the media was published in a gallery, the gallery name would be seen. If the media was published in a channel, the channel name would be displayed.