Creating a Channel

In this section, we will demonstrate how to create, set, and delete a MediaSpace Channel on .

To create a new channel go to the My Channels page by selecting My Channels from the user drop-down menu.

Alternatively, you can create a new channel from the Channels page. To do this, click on the Channels tab, on the Channels page, click on the Create Channel button.

Afterward, the Create a New Channel page is displayed.

On the Create a New Channel page, you can carry out the following tasks.

  1. Name: enter the channels name to display on the Channels page.
  2. Description: enter a summary of the channels content to display on the Channels page.
  3. Tags: enter a descriptive tag to use in searches.
  4. Reference ID: 
  5. Privacy: Select the Privacy setting for the channel. MediaSpace supports five types of Privacy settings.
  • Restricted: this is a channel where all logged in users can view content. However, users must be invited by the channel owner or manager to contribute content.
  • Private: this is a channel where the membership is based on invitation only. In addition, only members can view and contribute content.

Please note the privacy levels available in your MediaSpace site might differ to the demonstrated settings above, due to a configuration decision made by your administrators.

5. Options: Select the Option setting for the channel.

  • Check the Moderate content option to enable the moderation process on your channel. This means without the approval of a channel's manager or moderator, the media contributed to the said channel will not appear.
  • Enable comments in channels, provide users with the option to add comments. Enable subscription to the channel, provide users with the option to subscribe to the channel.

Select the Categories with which this channel will be associated, then click Save.

That's it, your channel is ready.

How others see your channel

Members of the channel can now view the channel's information, which will now be on hand on the Channel's page. If the channel is public, all users will see it, or only those specified in step 5 above.


View Analytics

To learn more about this channel, the channel's owner and managers can access the channel Analytics page, which is located in the Edit drop down menu.

Changing your channels thumbnails

Also the channel's owner and managers are able to change the channel's thumbnail if needed. By clicking the Upload Thumbnail option located in the Edit drop down menu as well.

How to delete a channel

On the Channel's page, discover the channel you would like to delete and click on the Edit icon.

This will take you to the Edit page. Once in the Edit page, scroll down and find the Delete Channel option and click on it.

Click Delete to confirm the deletion.

Please note that deleting a channel does not delete its media from MediaSpace, only the channel is deleted.