Conduct a meeting in Microsoft Teams

Learn how you can meet with fellow colleagues or students, schedule adhoc meetings, and record meetings with Microsoft Teams.  

This can be used for 1:1 or group chats to collaborate with a smaller group or to talk privately. 

How do I schedule a Teams meeting?

You can schedule the call directly from your account in your web browser, on the mobile Teams app on your phone, or in the Teams app (downloadable for your Windows or Mac computer), and your participants join your Teams meeting using the same technology.

Scheduling a meeting in your Outlook Calendar

Scheduling a meeting from MS Teams

Find out more about how to schedule or join a team meeting on the Microsoft site, or check out their video tutorials or their recent webinar.

Together mode

It is possible to use a together mode for your Teams sessions, and there are further instructions here.  

Want to use MS Teams more regularly with your students?

It is also possible to create a MS Teams class site for use with your students if you are using it for regular sessions. See more here

Need more help?

See and from ISS for more information on using Teams at University of Galway.

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