Recording a lecture without internet connection

You may find yourself in a situation where you would like to record a lecture, but you have no internet connection. Keeping the file size manageable and the quality of the video and audio to a good standard should be the overall aim. Once you have made the recording, you can upload it to Kaltura and share it with your students in Canvas.

This article describes how to undertake your recording.

Using a lectern computer to record your screen and audio

You will need to bring your own USB memory stick or chosen storage device with you if using the lectern computer without any internet connection. You should always make sure that your USB device is virus-free (by running a virus checker on your own computer) and is in the correct format for the PC to access (i.e. can be read and written to). It's also recommend to use USB 2.0 or above to ensure fast transfer speeds.

Recording a PowerPoint presentation:  

PowerPoint has an in-built recorder to let you capture your presentation with narration and camera input (if necessary).

To begin recording a presentation select Slide Show > Record Slide Show  

It’s advisable to turn off the video unless essential to reduce file size and make sure audio is enabled.

The audio and video controls are located on the bottom right of the slide, click to turn the camera or microphone on/off.

When you’ve finished giving your lecture/presentation, just ‘save’ the PowerPoint file in the normal way (as a PPTX file, which is the usual default) to your USB attached storage device. Then you can take this away with you as you finish the class.

Later, you can convert this into a video file – a process which takes too long to do in class – using PowerPoint.

For a more detailed guide on how to turn your presentation into a video see here.

In most cases exporting the PowerPoint video as SD or HD is sufficient and will reduce the file size compared to the higher resolution options.

Using your own laptop

You may prefer simply to use your own laptop and connect it to the projector/display in the venue. Remember that in this case it will be using the inbuilt microphone (and camera) on your laptop, rather than those in the venue and to check your storage space regularly.

Using the screen recorder function in PowerPoint

If you wish to record different applications on your screen, you can use screen record in PowerPoint to do this. See instructions here.


Recording using a Document camera

You can record imagery from a document camera to your USB stick using screen recording software such as that available on PowerPoint (see above).

Some venues have an IPEVO Document camera (also referred to as a visualiser). Please see video below for further details.  

For details on how to use the IPEVO app and camera with your chosen online teaching tool (Zoom or Teams) see this page.