Benefits and Best Practice

Qwickly Attendance will allow instructors to manage attendance within their Blackboard modules and within the Blackboard Grade Centre.  While this tool will undoubtedly help staff, it will also allow students to monitor their own attendance for each module where it's used.  Monitoring attendance is crucial to ensuring student success.  Please visit our page on monitoring attendance for more information. 

Uses & Benefits: 

  • Attendance can be taken by the instructor within a Blackboard module
  • Students can check in using their own devices within a delimited timeframe using a once-off pin code
  • An email can be sent to students when they are marked absent
  • Students can monitor their own attendance within each module
  • A record is kept within Qwickly of each session
  • Qwickly Attendance is fully compatible with the Blackboard Grade Centre

Best Practice

  • Develop standard operating procedures for your use of Qwickly Attendance in your school or discipline 
  • Make Qwickly Attendance available as a Tool Link in your module menu so that students can access their attendance record
  • Do allow students some time to log in to Blackboard and get used to using Qwickly Attendance
  • If using the email function, consider customising it to contain who to contact in the event of absence and the attendance policy
  • Carefully consider your chosen settings and remember that these can be changed at any time