The Mini-Studio is a simple-to-operate, self-service video recording facility. To use it you just need to bring along a USB memory stick of your own to store the recording (all recordings are saved as mp4 files). All the equipment switches on and off automatically, you just need to plug in your USB stick and you're ready  to go.

You can record a 'talking head' shot of you speaking straight to camera (or, if you prefer, you can stand). 

Alternatively, if you want to record a slide presentation, then you need to bring along your laptop and just plug it into the HDMI cable on the desk in the Mini-studio. The system will automatically recognise that you're using a laptop and will change to the right settings, recording whatever is on your laptop screen and a small video window of you speaking.

For those with more advanced requirements (and able to do their own editing and post-processing) there is also a movable green-screen. If using this, please be careful and make sure that it is rolled back up afterwards.


How to use the Mini-Studio

The Mini-Studio is located on the ground floor of the annex of the Library, access to this section of the Library is from the ground floor at the rear of the main Library building.