Who can use the studio?

The mini-studio is open to students and staff and if you want to use it simply to make a recording of you practicing giving a presentation, or for a set of lectures, please simply book and go ahead! Click here to book the space

It is a free service, please let us know straight away if you encounter any difficulties with the equipment by emailing¬†[email protected]. You are also welcome to make any suggestions about how the service might be improved or extended, again, by writing to the same email address.

Please note that the location is in the library and so try to ensure that you do not disturb other users nearby and that you use the facility for legitimate activities related to your studies, learning, or academic work.

The Mini-Studio is located on the ground floor of the annex of the Library, access to this section of the Library is from the ground floor at the rear of the main Library building. View on map