Student Quick Start Guide

About Turnitin

Turnitin is a web-based application that is used to detect text similarities, and to create opportunities for students to learn to properly attribute sources. Turnitin also offers mechanisms for peer-to-peer review and instructor feedback.

Turnitin is not a part of Blackboard but rather a separate application that the university subscribes to.

Submitting Papers to Turnitin

Students can submit papers to a Turnitin assignment from inside their Blackboard course if the instructor is using the Turnitin integration for the assignment. To access the Turnitin assignment inbox you need navigate to the location in the class where the instructor has deployed the assignment. support resources has great student resources that will help guide you through using Turnitin to submit assignments, view originality reports and feedback, and participate in peer reviewing in cases where your instructor has enabled these features. Specific information on submitting through the Blackboard integration and how to interpret your results are available at this page.