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How to bulk download Turnitin assignment submissions

This article explains how an instructor can use the Turnitin Bulk Download feature for assignments integrated into Blackboard

Although Turnitin assignments allow for grading and feedback within the program, there may be instances in which downloading an individual submission or all submissions for an assignment is necessary.

To do this, go to the assignment on Blackboard and click on the link, which will bring you to all submissions.

On this page, click on the Download All button at the top right and select the appropriate download choice

Grade Report

  • this option results in an Excel file with student and document information, including date and time uploaded, word count, similarity score and Internet overlap and if the student viewed the feedback

Submission List

  • this Excel file includes only the students names and a yes/no column indicating if the student submitted the assignment

Original Files

  • this option downloads the original files as the students uploaded them, without any marks or flags from Turnitin or the instructor, in whatever file format the student originally used

Standard PDFs

  • this results in the original student submission unloaded in PDF form, regardless of original submission file format

GradeMark PDFs

  • this zip file will include PDF downloads of the students' submissions with instructor feedback/comments, rubric and grade included

For more details on downloading Turnitin assignments on Blackboard, visit Turnitin support available at: