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Expired Courses + Read-only files

This article explains how an instructor can change setting and regain access to expired modules directly at

Turnitin assignments created blackboard are automatically set to expire after six months. If a module expires on Turnitin before you have finished using it or accessing assignment submitted, it is possible to change the expiration date by logging into directly.

When attempting to access and assignments for an expired Turnitin module, you will receive a pop up on clicking a student's paper that notifies you the paper is in "read only" format.

To resolve this, try:

1. Adjust the Feedback Release Date

Revisit the submission link for your assignment. Click on the settings icon in the top right corner to access the start, due, and feedback release dates.

Click on the calendar icon to make an adjustment to the date. This will extend the availability of the Turnitin class for marking but will also be the day students are able to see feedback.

2. Log in to directly

See this article on the process to login directly for the first time:  Can I access Turnitin directly (outside of Blackboard)?

Once you are logged in to Turnitin, a list of your courses will appear as a homepage. If any of your courses are set to expire within 30 days, you will see the pink banner notifying you of this.

If your course is already expired the status will the labeled "expired" rather than "active".

To change the settings and make a course active again, click on the settings wheel under the "Edit" column

This will open up a window to update a standard class.

Use the calendar to adjust the date in which the class will expire. Click the "submit" button to save settings changes and reactivate the class and submissions.

For more details on the use of Turnitin and reactivating an expired class, see