Accessing and Using Grading Forms

This article explains how an instructor can access grading forms when marking and/or providing feedback on a Turnitin submission.

Accessing Grading Forms

Grading forms can be used to provide free form feedback and scores to evaluate student work based on defined criteria.

To access the grading form, click into a student's submission. Go to the Rubric section of the feedback studio and click the settings wheel icon.

This will open up the rubric manager. Open the menu by clicking on the three stacked bars at the top left corner. In the menu, choose the second option to Create New Grading Form.

A blank creating form will open. Provide a name like "Double Marking Form" and fill in at least one of the Criterion. Remove additional criterion by clicking the bin icon to the right.

When your form is complete, click save and toggle attach to assignment from off to on. TurnItin will confirm that you wish to replace any existing rubric or grading form with the newly created one.

It is not possible to attach both a rubric and a grading form to a Turnitin submission.

Once the form is attached to the assignment, it will appear in the Feedback Studio at the right of the paper, and in all other student submissions.

See below for an example of how double marketing can be used with grading forms, wherein the marks are averaged by each marker providing a score out of 50 and feedback.

See Turnitin's Official Site for more information about creating grading forms after student submissions.