Setting up a session where participants are "identified"

By default your Vevox session is set to "anonymous". If however you wish to gather participant data (name and email address) you can do so from the settings panel before you start your session. This article describes the settings you need to use.

To begin, log into and on the navigation panel on the left select:

  • Settings > Identification
  • Select the "Identified" radial button. 
  • Finally, under "Additional Security" turn on "SAML SSO authentication"

In the session

Participants will still log in via the 9 digit code via the Vevox app/web app.

Once they enter, they will be prompted to login via the University of Galway single sign on (SSO) page.

Once in, participants will be notified that their identity is visible. 

Accessing the session data after the session

Once you have closed your session, you can access your participants responses from the data section in the left hand navigation panel. 

This will open the data dashboard where you can see an overview of your poll/Q&A/Survey Results. If you wish you can download the data as a Microsoft Excel file.