OneNote Hints and Tips

This article gives you information on some useful feature within OneNote.

OneNote is a very simple online tool for taking notes. Below are a number of features that will help you to use OneNote to capture all your ideas and organise your notes.

Mark your notes with custom tags

Using tags in your notes is a great way to visually call out and categorize important notes for follow-up (for example, to track action items after a meeting or lecture).

To create your own custom tags, click the Tags menu drop down on the Home tab (next to the text alignment buttons), and then click Create New Tag or use the ones provided

Search and navigation within a notebook

The Navigation button toggles the navigation panes on or off . Click it to display your current notebook’s hierarchy, to switch between pages, sections, and notebooks, or to create and organise sections, pages, and notebooks. Click the button again to hide the navigation panes and return to your current page.

The Search button provides an entry point to search for keywords and phrases in specific places in your notes  or across all of your notebooks. Besides text, you can also search for any tags that you’ve applied to selected notes. Click any search result in the list to jump to its location in your notes.

The Recent Notes button displays a chronological list of pages that you’ve recently viewed or edited, as well as the sections and notebooks they’re found in. This is helpful when you need to quickly switch back and forth between pages in different sections or different notebooks, or when you want to quickly continue taking notes on a different computer or device.

Upload and insert cloud files

When you choose to insert a file into your notes, OneNote allows “Upload to OneDrive and insert link" option.

Storing file attachments in the cloud instead of the notebook, allows collaboration with others users more easily.

Edit and save embedded file attachments

After inserting a file attachment into OneNote, you can double-click it to open and edit the file. Any changes you make will be saved to the original attachment without having to re-insert the file.

Start by clicking the File button on the Home tab. Next, select the file you want to embed, and then choose to insert the file as an attachment.


Read math solution steps aloud

After creating a math equation in OneNote, select an action to solve the equation, and then click to show the solution steps. To have the Immersive Reader read aloud the solution steps, click the speaker icon that appears.

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