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Can I access Turnitin directly (outside of Canvas)?

This article explains how to access all of your Turnitin assignments created on Canvas directly (or Blackboard, prior to 23-24 year). Once logged in you will find a complete history of any assignments you have created.

Logging in

To begin using, you must first log in.  As you have been using the service through Blackboard, you will have an existing account with Turnitin, you'll have set your password during the account creation process.

  1. Go to
  2. At the top right click on the Log In button.

During login, a cookie will be set on your web browser to allow Turnitin to authorize your access during use of the site. Please ensure that the web browser you are using will allow the cookie to be set by their site,

  1. Next click on the Forgot your password button.

4. You will be given a prompt to enter your email and last name/family name.

Use the version of your email with your name (even if what you're wishing to access is from before your email address changed - your account was merged with the account)/

You will then receive an email with a link to set up a password and some 'secret questions' to recover a password in the future. 

Once this is completed, you can use the new password along with your email [email protected] and log in to 

For subsequent visits to, you can of course simply use the email address and password you have just created.

5. Once logged in, you will see all Turnitin inboxes going back as far as you have used it during your time at this institution (as far back as 2011 in some cases). 

Click the relevant module title to view and mark submissions. Marking in Turnitin should feed into the Canvas Grade Book, in the case that the assignment was originally created in Canvas and you have a column in the Grade Book for it.

Still not seeing your classes? Try these additional steps:

Ensure your Instructor view is selected

If you don't see your full list of courses, be sure that you are in an instructor view.

To check this, on the top right corner there will be 3 a black bars with several options, including your name, user info etc. The fourth one along will say "student"; if you click this and change it to "instructor" from the drop down menu, the screen will change and will show the instructor view and should show all your classes.  

If the classes you require appear, you can change the default view  by clicking on the User Info in the black bar, the info page will appear and on the right hand side there will be a "default user option" you  can change this to from student to instructor. Once done select submit at the bottom left.

Note: We have had reports from users that they had to toggle this setting to switch back to student and then switch to instructor again to make it visible.

Ensure you are looking at All Classes

Have you checked to ensure you are on the All Classes tab? On the top right of your account screen, make sure you have the tab selected to show "all classes" rather than having it to show "active classes".