Getting started with Vexox

This article describes how instructors can activate their Vevox account at the University of Galway and log in.

1. Accessing your account dashboard and creating a new session
Log in using SSO
  • In your dashboard choose “CREATE SESSION” and name your session (e.g. Biology 101).

3. Starting your session

In Vevox, a "POLL" is a singular question. A collection of questions is called a "SESSION". When you have created your questions are ready to share your poll with your audience, start your session to enable them to join and respond.

  • Your new session will appear in your dashboard. 
  • You will see a unique 9 digit ID on top of the screen. 
  • Once you have clicked "START SESSION", students can use this 9 digit ID (which will be visible in presentation mode) to join the poll.  

Image pf Polls tab
  • By default your session will be set to anonymous. 

When presenting to your students you can click on the small QR code (see pink square in screenshot below) on the left to make it large so students can use the camera on their mobile device to quickly access the session. 

4. Watch a video overview

Want a more in-depth tutorial? This video is a step by step guide designed for anyone using Vevox for the first time.

See the Vevox helpsite  for any further information