What technologies are in the CELT studio?

TriCaster TC1

The TriCaster is our vision mixer, designed as a 'TV studio in a computer' by Newtek. It allows the mixing in of multiple live and recorded feeds into one single output and the overlay of content on top.​


The WolfVision is a ceiling mounted camera that records footage of documents, objects or similar placed on a table beneath.

Autoscript Prompter​

The Autoscript Prompter is a prompter placed on one of the cameras within the studio to record scripted content easily and professionally.​ The Autoscript software enables us to upload your script to the prompter and allows you to view and read your script as you look down the camera. 


eGlass is an illuminated transparent writing glass with a built-in camera, that captures your face and writing in the same picture (see video explainer to see it in action).