How to Edit Media in Kaltura MediaSpace

Kaltura has a native media editor online called Kaltura Editor.  The Editor is great for creating a clip from a longer video, trimming the beginning or ending or a recording, or deleting an interruption in the middle of the recording.

Kaltura Editor is a lite media editor. It is advised to use a different software if detailed editing is desired or needed. Commonly used video editors include Adobe Creative Cloud Premier Pro, or Final Cut Pro, but note that these each incur a license cost, and are not covered by an NUI Galway site license (so you will need to enquire within your school or college about purchasing these).

Launching the Editor

VERY IMPORTANT: You must be the owner or collaborator of the media to edit it using the Kaltura Editor.

  1. Go to My Media either in Blackboard or
  2. Click the video entry’s edit button (pencil icon).
  3. Click Launch Editor.
  4. Select Video Editor icon ( Video Editor Icon ) on the left most panel.