Using a document camera

Instructions on using the Document Camera

Document Cameras which are also referred to as Visualisers, are real -time cameras which allow the presenter to share a live object, some written information etc on screen through the projector.

The Document camera is connected to the Windows PC via USB. If you wish to use the Document camera in your teaching, you need to login to the Lecture Theatre PC.

  • Press ON on the Control Panel
  • Select PC source button
PC Source
  • Login to the Lecture Theatre PC with your Staff Campus Account credentials.  Staff:  log in using [email protected] (e.g. [email protected])
  • Check Document Camera is powered on (there will be a green indicator light as shown below).  If not press the power button on as indicated below.
  • Select IPEVO Presenter from University of Galway Applications

You can place your object or whatever you want to demonstrate underneath the camera and it should project on screen.

By selecting the below icon you will get a menu where you can access extra features such as zooming in on an object,  rotating etc....

The document camera can also be shared into a Hybrid Teaching Class or Recording by pressing the "Share"function and selecting the document camera from there. You can view the video below for more detailed instructions.

Additional tips for advanced features within the Visualizer application can be learned in the following video tutorial.