Hybrid Teaching - Venue 3 (Classrooms)

This teaching venue is equipped with a webcam camera (with in-built microphones) located on the top of the monitor, attached to the lectern for the purpose of facilitating recording and/or broadcast of teaching sessions. This can be achieved using the PC built in to the lectern and some of the preinstalled University of Galway ISS supported applications, as outlined below.

Venue listing
Building Name/type Room No
Aras Cairnes Classroom CA001
Aras Cairnes Classroom CA002
Aras Cairnes
Classroom CA003
Aras Cairnes Classroom CA004
Aras Cairnes Classroom CA005
Alice Perry Engineering
Classroom Eng2001
Alice Perry Engineering
Alice Perry Engineering
Alice Perry Engineering
Alice Perry Engineering
Alice Perry Engineering
Alice Perry Engineering
Arts Science Classroom
Arts Science Classroom

Photo: Typical classroom venue with webcam

Log into the PC

Login to the lectern PC using your University of Galway campus account:

Staff: login using [email protected] (e.g  [email protected])

Select your preferred application

From the desktop, please open the application you wish to use.

Select the correct camera, microphone and speaker equipment

Once you have logged into the application you wish to use, and before you initiate a recording or video call, please ensure that you select the correct, camera, microphone and the speaker within the application’s Audio  Video settings.

  • Select USB 2.0 FHD UVC Webcam as your camera.  You should see a picture of yourself when the above camera has been selected.
  • Select EchoCancelling Speakerphone (Asus BE/C6 Webcam Series) as your microphone.  
  • Select PL8603U (Intel (R) Display Audio) as your speaker.  

If you wish to record – don’t forget to activate this in your chosen application.

Log out

When your teaching session has finished please remember to exit your chosen application and log out of the PC.

Further information

Learn more about using Hybrid Teaching applications or how you can extend the PC desktop so that students in the teaching venue can only see your presentation slides as opposed to the application.