HelpLearning TechnologiesCanvasManage Users on CanvasHow do I grant access to a colleague to my course?

How do I grant access to a colleague to my course?

The University of Galway uses the Curriculum Management System (Akari) Imports. Therefore, you do not need to add manually any co-teachers/instructors who are part of your institution's Akari records for the course. They will be  added to the course by the system automatically, based on the Akari module instructor listing.

However, you can grant access to a colleague as a co-teacher to your module directly on Canvas also. This article explains how.

Note: This enrolment will not rollover to next years Canvas course. Ensure Akari module records are updated if the co-teacher requires ongoing access.

Open People

In Course Navigation, click the People link.

Add People

Click the Add People button.

To add a user, you can search for users with up to one of two options: email address or login ID (i.e. staff or student ID).

To select a search option, click the button for your preferred search method.

Note: If you are copying and pasting user information from a spreadsheet, you do not have to filter out information that does not apply to your search option. For instance, if you copy in a line with an email address and login ID and select the login ID search option, Canvas will disregard the email address and only search for users with the entered login ID.

However, please note that currently Canvas only supports single-line entries separated by commas; multiple-line entries separated by spaces will be supported in a future release.

Search by Email

By default, the search field is set to search by email address [1]. In the text field [2], enter the email address for the user. You can copy and paste multiple users at one time, such as from a comma separated value (CSV) file, by placing a comma or line break between users.

When searching by email address, the user's institution-assigned email address should be used whenever possible. For the majority of institutions, each user should have an email address associated with the user's account and may be the same as the user's login ID.

Instructors can add users through one of several formats, which also support user names:

Email addresses can be enclosed by less than ( < ) or greater than ( > ) symbols, although it is not required.

Search by Login ID (i.e. Staff ID or Student ID)

To add a user by login ID, select the login ID button [1].

In the text field [2], enter the login ID for the user (i.e. their staff or student ID). You can copy and paste multiple login IDs at one time by placing a comma or line break between login IDs.

When searching by login ID, you should use the login ID format found in the Canvas login page for your institution (e.g. staff ID, student ID, etc.).

Login IDs do not support entries that include a user's name; any entered content in the Login ID search field will be included as the search content.

Select User Details

In the Role drop-down menu [1], assign the user(s) a role for the course based on available course roles.

In the Section drop-down menu [2], assign the user(s) a section in the course.

If you want to limit the user(s) to only interact with other users in their section, click the Can interact... checkbox [3].

Click the Next button [4].

Note: If you are adding multiple users at the same time, all users inherit the same role and section.

Add the User

If Canvas finds this user, you can confirm the user before adding the user to the course [1].

The user's name displays in the page along with the user's information you used in the user search. Although Canvas may display additional search columns, existing information in a user's account will not be displayed.

When you are ready, click the Add Users button [2].

If Canvas did not find your intended user, you can click the Start Over button [3].

View Search Results

If Canvas is not able to find a match for the user(s), Canvas will notify you that a match was not found.

To try a new search, click the Back button.

View Pending Enrollment

Until the user accepts the course invitation, the user's status will display as pending. Note that observer invitations will only show as pending if the invited observer does not already have a Canvas account.

If you added a user without a Canvas account, the user can create an account as part of the course invitation process.

Once the user has accepted the course invitation, you can interact with the user in the course. You can also send messages to the user via Conversations.

Note: It could take up to 24 hours for users to receive their invitations. Canvas will not consider the user to be enrolled—and won't recognize the user anywhere in Canvas—until the invitation has been accepted. If necessary, you can resend course invitations.