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How to download a class roster (with student emails)

To contact students before the semester begins, staff can  easily download a Canvas student roster with email addresses by using  the Canvas New Analytics feature.

Otherwise, if you would like students to access your course content,  send your students emails, or post announcements before the semester  begins,, your course must be published and your course start date must have passed.

1. Go to your Canvas course

Find your Canvas course

2. Click the New Analytics button in the home page Sidebar.

Begin on the home page of the relevant course. Click the 'New Analytics' button at right.

Depending on the size of your screen or browser, the Sidebar can appear on the right or bottom of the page.

3. Click the Reports tab.

Click on the 'Reports' tab.

4. Click the Run Report button next to Class Roster.

Run the Class Roster report. This will trigger an csv file to download, which will contain student names, id numbers and email addresses.