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Transfer videos from Kaltura into Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio lets you upload or create videos to share easily with your students. Students can also submit their own video creations in  Studio and offer feedback on each other's work. This article describes how to move your existing Kaltura videos onto the Instructure Canvas Studio platform within Canvas.

Transferring videos from Kaltura into Studio is a two step process. First, you must download the video from Kaltura. Second, you can upload the video from your computer into Canvas Studio.

Watch the video or click to expand the text and image guide below for guidance on the process.

1. Download my Kaltura video from My Media on Canvas or from the direct site Kaltura Mediaspace site

1.1 Choose from where you would like to access your Kaltura videos.

1.2 Access any course in which My Media is enabled, then click My Media

1.3 Find the video you wish to download and click on the name to access it fully.  

1.4 Change the media settings to enable downloads.

1.5 Select the format you wish to download the file in (e.g. Source) and click Save:

1.6 Return to the item and select on the Downloads tab the action to download the video or audio file:

1.7 The video will then be downloaded to the specified download location on your computer.

2. Upload the video to Canvas Studio

This second step describes how to upload videos to Canvas studio and to make these available on a Canvas course for others to view.

You can access Canvas Studio on your main Canvas navigation menu.

Once in your Canvas Studio, you can Add videos to upload any Kaltura media you have saved locally on your computer.

To share these videos with your students, you can to to any location on your Canvas course, and add them within a new or existing Canvas Page:

Within the Canvas page, locate the Canvas Studio item and navigate to the video you wish to share:

Click on the required video and select Embed

If you wish for students to comment on the video, select to Display media tabs.

NOTE: If you linked any of the videos to a Canvas page, you need to relink the video. Videos embedded in announcements, discussions, discussion replies, and quiz questions will not be transferred and need to be relinked

Watch a short video overview about Canvas Studio

To learn more, see the full Canvas Studio Guide on

To receive bulk download links for your Kaltura videos, please request this directly on   

Additional Notes: Keeping an  archive of your videos on Microsoft OneDrive

You have additional storage on your Office 365 One Drive account to store any videos you are not actively sharing for teaching.

Microsoft also have a product called Stream available in any MS Team or for use on Sharepoint that also supports the use of video for sharing.

Learn more about support for Microsoft for creating, storing and sharing video from Microsoft directly on

How to convert Kaltura Video Quizzes to Studio Video Quizzes

Follow the process above to retrieve the video that is used with the quiz. You will need to manually copy and paste the questions and answers (and note the timestamps) and recreate the videos in Canvas Studio.

The entire process is demonstrated in the video below.