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How to return Final Marks from Canvas to Quercus+

Official final marks for modules are returned from Canvas to our Student Information System (SIS) Quercus automatically. This article describes how to access your Final Mark column on Canvas and enter your students' marks.

How to return Final mark in Canvas

Open Grades

In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.

Locate the Final Mark column where you want to enter a mark.

Select the student name, and in the Final Mark column, select the relevant cell, and enter the Final Mark number, and click Save.  

The final mark should be a whole number (no decimals, no percentage signs).

Once entered, the process of submitting final marks to the Student Information System is automatic.

If the Final Mark is changed prior to the marks return deadline set by the Exams Office, then the modified mark will be passed back to the SIS.

It is not possible to delete the Final Mark column.

It is not possible to show the Final Mark column to students. Any data entered here is visible only to users with a role other than Student on the course (e.g. it is visible only to Teacher, Course Designer, External Examiner roles, etc.)

Additional Gradebook Settings

You should also be aware of how students access Grades on your course. There are three settings available to you to control when and how students can view grades. Be sure to gain familiarity with these settings below.

1. Change to manually post your grades

You can adjust your Gradebook, to control when you students will see marks on . The first setting you may wish to amend, is located under the Grades setting.

Change to Manually post grades.

2. Make totals inaccessible to students

Also, within you course Settings, you can also ensure that totals are not accessible to students.

3. Hide grades entirely

You can also make all grades on your course hidden, by hiding the Grades menu item.

To do this, go to your course Settings, and locate the Navigation tab.

Drag Grades to below the line, to hide them from students.

Scroll down and click Save.

Marks will return to the Student Information system regardless of any changes made to these three settings above, when entered in the Final Mark column.

Learn more about the Canvas Gradebook

In this video, Instructors can learn how to use the Gradebook in Canvas.