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How do I gain access to a Canvas course I am teaching?

Canvas uses data from the Student Records System Quercus+ and Akari the Curriculum Manager to create Canvas courses, to add and remove your instructor/teacher access, and to enrol your students. Learn more about this process below.

What if you don't have a course you are teaching?

  • If you require access on Canvas to courses you are teaching, ensure you are added to the list of instructors for a module on Akari. 
  • Once added, you will have access to the corresponding course within 24 hours, as Akari updates the Canvas course. 
  • You may also wish to talk to anyone co-teaching this course, or your school administrator, why may wish to manually add you directly on Canvas, as a listed co-teacher. However, if you are added in this way, you will not have automatic access to the course in the next calendar year. The Akari record will also need to be updated for this access to be maintained.

Also ensure you are looking in All Courses to see if the course appears there under your Canvas account profile. Learn more on How do I view all my Canvas courses as an instructor? 

How does this all work? 

Step 1: The creation of Canvas courses and enrolling of teachers/instructors

Firstly, Akari module and course instance data is sent to Canvas, along with the listed instructor data. This generates the courses, and is also the mechanism by which you can remove yourself from courses you are no longer teaching.

Step 2: The enrolment of students on Canvas courses

Next, as students become officially registered, they similarly are automatically enrolled in on their modules and course instances on Canvas. If a Canvas course is published by a Canvas teacher, they will see this on their Canvas Dashboard.

Step 3: The provisioning of the final mark column and return of marks

Finally, Quercus also creates a specific final mark column that is used to automatically return student marks within specified marks return calendar dates.

How to access Akari & Quercus

See Akari and Quercus or talk to your school or college adminstrator, or your programme director.