HelpLearning TechnologiesCanvasManage Users on CanvasHow do I grant access to a non-registered student to my Canvas course?

How do I grant access to a non-registered student to my Canvas course?

The University of Galway uses Student Information System (SIS) Imports. Therefore, you do not need to add any users  who are part of your institution's records for the course. They will be  added to the course by the system automatically, based on a student's official SIS enrolment.

A student can check their official enrolment and see registration support if any courses instances (e.g. 1BA1) or modules (e.g. EN100) are missing from their enrolment.

It is possible for you to grant access to non-registered students to your Canvas course. However, you should be aware of that no marks can be returned for these students to the SIS.

For adhoc Canvas courses, student enrolments are maintained by the Canvas Teachers directly. No marks are returned to the SIS from these courses.

How do I customise visibility options for a course?

Course visibility options can be customised and allow access to your course to non-registered students. The visibility setting offers three choices for a  course:

  • Course: The course is available to all students officially enrolled in the course, based on the university's SIS records. This option is the default setting.
  • Institution: The course is available to users  within the University. This option allows users in the University to view your course before they enroll in the course.
  • Public: The course is available to anyone with the URL.  

Open Settings

In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.

Open Course Details

Click the Course Details tab.

Set Visibility

In the Visibility options, the default is set to Course.

To change the visibility, click the Visibility menu and select the visibility option you prefer [1].

If the Visibility option cannot be changed, you do not have permission to manage visibility settings [2]. Please contact your Canvas administrator or Canvas Support for assistance.

Customise Content Visibility

If you also want to customise content visibility, such as the course syllabus, click the Customize checkbox.

Update Course Details

Click the Update Course Details button.