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How to create an MS Teams Meeting in Canvas

Microsoft Teams Meetings allows users to create conference calls (Teams meetings) using the Microsoft Teams integration with Canvas. This integration can be used in any areas that support the Canvas Rich Content Editor.

1. Enable Microsoft Sync

To use Microsoft Teams Meetings, Microsoft Sync must be enabled in that course. and start Microsoft Sync in Canvas to set up the feature. This must be done in each course that you would like to use Microsoft Teams Meetings integration.

Firstly, under Settings > Integrations, ensure Microsoft Sync is set to State (Green).

The next step is to add Teams Meetings to your Course Navigation.

  1. Select Navigation  from the course Settings menu. Scroll down to the bottom of the Navigation tab until Microsoft Teams Meetings is visible. Click the three vertical dots  beside Teams Meetings, then click +Enable , and Save .

2. Access and Activate Microsoft Teams Meetings

Now that Microsoft Teams Meetings has been placed into the Course Navigation and the changes saved, select Microsoft Teams Meetings from Course Navigation.

You may be asked to sign in with your Microsoft Account.  

To schedule a new meeting, click + New Meeting

Caution: All attendees must be listed in the required or optional field in order to see and attend the meeting.

Once a meeting has been scheduled, the meetings for the day will appear in the tab. To start a meeting click Join .

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